Why Choose Oil and Retail?

  1. We are leaders in industry knowledge. All components of the company can contribute a wealth of experience and knowledge on the management of service stations.
  2. Our advice on the management of convenience store / mini, is unique, no business can go as far as we.
  3. We can provide a comprehensive service that sin tener hire various types of business for each service.
  4. Being specialized in On Line Marketing / Social Media for Service Stations industry. Being digital marketing specialists and SEO along with knowledge of the Service Stations, makes us unique to offer this service Sector Petrolero.


Soluciones integrales para estaciones de servicio



Provide advisory services / consultancy, to all our customers, with personalized attention, based on the quality, operational efficiency and profitability and turn them into oil industry reference.


Oil and Retail, will become the leading company in the market EE.SS. for the quality of services provided, commitment to its customers, the dedication shown, and also get to the retail market, be appreciated by society as an alternative to the acquisition of daily consumer goods.


We rely on teamwork, with the involvement of each and every one of the component members, both internal and external partners. We believe in business ethics, providing our customers, credible and achievable solutions at the right price. We formulate a commitment to society, providing solutions respectful of people and the environment



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