Official bodies oil sector

  • Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism: Ministry
  1. Submission of information to the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism Prices
  2. Information, Procedures, Records, Statistics, Energy Balances.
  3. Gas Prices
  4. Electronic Notification Service
  • Tax:
  1. Conversion Hidocarburos,,en,commercial diesel,,es,CORES,,en,Restrictions on movement of dangerous goods,,es,Spanish Confederation of Employers,,es,Spanish association of retailers,,es,oil sector official links,,es
  2. Virtual Customs Office
  3. Ivmdh
  4. Agricultural Diesel
  5. Gasóleo profesional
  6. EMCS
  7. Calculating the volume of oil at 15 °
  8. IISS. Paper stock records.
  9. Models 564/581/582. IISS. Tax on Oil
  10. Model 511. IISS. Delivery Notes.
  11. Model 569. IISS. Tax on retail sales of certain hydrocarbons.
  12. Presentation doc. Circulation Models 500-503 and delivery notes

Associations oil sector interest

  1. C.E.E.E.S. Confederación Española de Empresarios Service Station
  2. CODIGASOIL: National Confederation of Dealers Diesel fuel
  3. AESAR: Association Service Stations of AragónAsociación
  4. Cantabria: Service Stations Cantabria
  5. Estremadura: Service Stations Estremadura
  6. FEDANES: Andalusian Federation Service Stations
  7. FECAMAES: Manchego Castilian Federation Service Stations
  8. AGADISGAS: Distributors Galician Association Diesel fuel
  9. A.G.L.A.: Gas Stations Free of Andalucia
  10. AEVECAR. Asociación española de vendedores al por menor de fuels and fuels.


Butane / Propane

  • installation information, maintenance and use of propane gas in your business or home.

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