Types of Gas

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When we go to a gas station to refuel ,muchas veces los consumidores no aprecian que hay distintas estaciones de servicio dentro de una compañía petrolera, simply defined as white(usually with a trade name without oil flag ) y las de bandera Repsol, Cepsa, BP, Galp …..

Tipos de Gasolinera

Types of Gas

Well, dependiendo de cómo sea el contrato de gestión las podemos denominar de los siguientes nombres:

  • COCO (compay owned – company operated): The operator oil is owner and manager of the service station
  • DOCO (dealer owned – compay operated): The facility is owned by a third party that gives management a wholesale operator, who also supplied the fuel.
  • DODO (dealer owned – dealer operated): ownership and management station correspond to a manager, que se vincula a la petrolera mediante un contrato de suministro exclusivo.
  • ELBOW (company owned – dealer operated): ownership of the station belongs to the oil , whoever, through a lease with exclusive supply, conferring management to a third party.
  • White Service Station: Son las independientes, that are not integrated with oil operators, or are linked to them through contracts flag. Overall, are run by small independent entrepreneurs who market the fuel under a label , many are joined associations of entrepreneurs white stations to thereby acquire bargaining power and usually grouped by communities.

We inform you of many of these associations, that may be of interest, for those who still do not belong to any of them and distributors of products that may interest you. Podéis encontrar los enlaces en nuestra página de : Links

En próximas entradas explicaremos como realizar una operating account an Gas station, un punto muy importante a tener en cuenta si estamos pensando en gestionar una estación de servicio.

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