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We have repeatedly heard and sure we will hear comments about whether gasoline this face, if the oil earn a fortune, and similar. But we should take these claims before, know the reality of what lies behind the retail price on stations, of the factors and the importance of each set when the oil from the final price that we as consumers are going to pay for every liter of fuel in the tank let our vehicle and perhaps our way .

This Article, intends to perform a short analysis of all the factors that influence the price that appears in the monolith of each,,es,In Spain and depending on the situation of,,es,CIFMED quotes,,es,In our next post we will continue explaining,,es gas station.

Fuel Price

Fuel Price

1º.- The cost of the product, ie cost operators fuel pay for the product once refined and made ready to be dispensed in the suppliers.

The cost of the product, forms in international markets and according to various factors, such as the international oil prices, ie as earBarrel cost, supply and demand, and other factors not as direct as the international situation, political developments and interests because they say oil refining companies. The daily quoted, called PLATTS. En España y dependiendo de la situación de las stations two cotizaciones CIFMED (Mediterranean) y CIF NW (Northwest Europe)

Brent Chart

Brent Chart

Looking at the table above, which shows the evolution of the international crude oil prices as of unleaded gasoline and diesel A, we can see that along 2012, from January to November, unchanged product prices, So if, with significant declines until June, moment when he began to pick up again, to stay in November almost January levels.

Another important factor affecting the cost of the product, is exchange rate Dollar vs.. In international markets, the prices of fuels are made in dollars, with what for Spanish operators who sell in euros, have to look at every moment the exchange rate is in the market. A devaluation of the euro against the dollar, will be a Prices more expensive product, while a strong euro, mean a reduction in the price product at the pump.

Price chart: evolution of fuel prices

Price chart: evolution of fuel prices

If we compare the evolution along 2012, podremos observed that PAI (price before tax) has performed very couple, if not parallel to the average of the daily prices in the international markets for fuels.

In short, the cost of the product involves more of 45% the price we see in the monoliths of the stations.

En nuestra próxima entrada seguiremos explicando, "The price of the Gasoline ", The second factor in the price its: Taxes. Do not miss!!

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