What is Retail?

January 21, 2013 Comments Off on What is Retail?

The detail o venta al detalle (en inglés retail) es un sector economic que engloba a las empresas especializadas en la merchandising masiva de produce the services uniformes a grandes cantidades de customers. Is industry delivering products to the final consumer. The reason for involving wholesalers and retailers in the same sector was a consequence of the large number of common problems and solutions that are both massive and sectors by the diversity of both its products and its customers.

Convenience Stores in service stations

Convenience Stores in service stations

In the detail business, may include all or commercial shops usually found in any urban center with direct retail sales, however its use is rather linked to large commercial chains. El ejemplo más común del Retail lo constituyen los supermarkets; otros comercios tradicionalmente asociados son department stores, houses household items, hardware, pharmacies, venta de dress, libraries, and many more. The complexity of retail is given by the wide variety of items and types of items they offer. Por supuesto Retail es también lo que en el sector de estaciones de servicio llamamos Non Oil, and this is what we discuss in this section of the Blog.

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