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June 25, 2013 2 Comments »

It's summer and launched promotions to attract oil and / or retain customers service stations.

Today we will take a walk by the oil they use their web as a means of spreading their activity to see what promotions we offer in its service stations:


1. Save on your shopping: paying at the Service Stations Repsol (Repsol, Campsa and Petronor) card with purchase of English Court, accumulates discounts for shopping that establishment: Between 3% and 4%. This discount is redeemable in: El Corte Ingles, Hipercor, Supercor, Supercor Express y Opencor. Look at the conditions: Repsol promotions.

2. Now wash your car Repsol service stations Priceless: Order your tab gets washed and fantastic gifts. Each wash “brushes” asks for a coupon and scratch to find touched you:

  • Tablet Samsung Galaxy 2
  • House aquatic Olympus TG-320 tought
  • Móvil Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini
Repsol Wash Promotion

Repsol Wash Promotion

Want to see the full condition?: Repsol washing Promotion

3. There are also promotions for certain stations: Specific Promotions stations as ES. Carral and E.S. La Rocha. Promotions by Repsol station

4. Of course we can not forget the collaboration TravelClub y Repsol. Este verano sortean lots of points for each refueling TravelClub Repsol.

Summer Promotions Repsol

Summer Promotions Repsol


1. Cepsa this summer also committed to cross promote the “wide distribution” in this case with Carrefour. View terms of the promotion Cepsa / Carrefour

Cepsa Carrefour Promotion

Cepsa Carrefour Promotion

2. Cepsa also offers discounts on their convenience stores (Depaso y MiniStop) for a Navigator and Tablet.


1. Galp for your pocket "The more back the more you save": Each time you refuel, you accumulate fuel discounts. Using a sealing primer, can accumulate up 12€ on a refueling.

!!!Interesting this promotion!!!

Galp for your pocket "The more back the more you save"

Galp for your pocket "The more back the more you save"

2. Galp also offers discounts on products of its convenience stores:

Energy Gal Monthly Specials

Energy Gal Monthly Specials

3. It is also conducting cross promotions with other company: finacieras some entities as: ING, Bankia

These are the promotions that we have found on the Net, not all publish oil promotions service stations on the web. We miss another great as is BP..

What do you think about Summer promotions for service stations? We like those of Galp, seem more innovative and direct discount in fuel (in Euros) is very attractive to the end consumer. It is also appreciated that the promotion of its convenience stores be published, or Repsol or Cepsa does.

Coméntanos that you seem!!!! Write your comment below.



  1. Soygasolinero 26 June, 2013 at 21:12 -

    Hello deberiais to put every month, It is very interesting, in bp find more things in y en shell en saludos

    • petroleoyretail 27 June, 2013 at 8:53 -

      Thank you very much for your comment!!! 🙂 We will try to put the promotions whenever they publish new. Promotions Loyalty cards not included in this post because we are just writing other posts on loyalty cards and cards for professionals.
      The above: Thanks!! 🙂


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