Liebster Award for Petroleum and Retail Award

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Liebster Award

Liebster Award

What is Liebster Award?

Liebster Award is a virtual prize created to assess those blogs in which the good work and effort makes them special.

This is the first thing we look for in Google, when we saw a comment on our blog, written Txema Fernandez of Txemarketing , He is telling us,,es,I have proposed for the Liebster Blog Awards,,es,First thank you for your proposal because such initiatives serve to publicize and disseminate a little more blogs like ours,,es,they're starting,,es,→ How lived experience through your blog you've enjoyed more,,es,→ What topics would try on your blog that do not currently treat,,es,→ Do you have any reference at international or national level that inspires you,,es,Within a year Where do you see your blog,,es,→ What are you looking for each blog entry,,es,and generate contacts that might need our services,,es,→ What vacation spot would you recommend to your readers,,es: “Very good and great blog entry! Os he propuesto para los Liebster Blog Awards”.

En primer lugar muchísimas gracias por tu propuesta ya que este tipo de iniciativas sirven para dar a conocer y difundir un poquito mas Blogs que como el nuestro, están empezando.

The rules to qualify for this award are simple:

  1. Thank and name the person you proposed
  2. Answer 11 questions that this person will make.
  3. Prop Prisoner al Liebster Award a 11 blogs like tu, who are beginning (no more than 200 followers)
  4. Follow these blogs that offer for award
  5. Formulate 11 questions to be administered to bloggers who propose.
  6. Visit the blogs that have been proposed along with yours.
  7. Inform the bloggers of their award.

The answers to the questions posed by Txema are:

→ Why reason comenzaste tu blog?

To share our experience in the oil sector and to forge a new career using one of our Social Media Networks.

→ ¿Con qué experiencia vivida a través de tu blog has disfrutado más?

When through our Blog were invited to participate in a meeting of bloggers in the framework of our industry relaccionada Fair.

→ ¿Qué temas tratarías en tu blog que actualmente no tratas?

Interviews with industry professionals, that although we have published a, is a part that we would like to strengthen.

→ ¿Tienes algún referente a nivel internacional o nacional en el que te inspiras?

Because we speak sector and there is little activity outside the official sites, especially our inspiration comes from our experience.

Dentro de un año ¿Dónde ves tu blog?

While the theme that we play is very specific, we are noticing an increase in visits to what we hope within a year to be the reference for Gas Blog, Oil, Associations and Convenience Stores.

→ How many times a week and a day thinking about your blog?

Constantly as it is our main communication tool in our project business.

→ ¿Qué buscas con cada entrada de tu blog?

Share, communicate, express and disseminate our experiences in the oil sector, así como generar contactos que puedan necesitar de nuestros servicios.

→ ¿Qué lugar de vacaciones recomendarías a tus lectores?

Spain is as diverse as any place chosen depending on the taste of each one would be a good choice.

→ Who would you like me to read your blog,,es,It is the part of,,es,→ What is the entry you like most about your blog,,es,Jesús Rodriguez Interview,,es,¿You knew the Liebster Award,,es,Your short-term goal,,es,What your blog post has given you more visits,,es,Txema,,eu,Thank you for continuing this good initiative,,es,Thank you for having proposed Txema,,es,a hug,,es?

Anyone with interest in understanding our industry, professionals whether or not.

What would you change your blog, if there is anything to change?

Our “Achilles heel” es la parte de “programming” any improvement in this aspect we could really use.

→ ¿Cuál es la entrada que más te gusta de tu blog?

La entrevista a Jesús Rodriguez.

Our 11 questions for which we propose the Liebster Blog Award are:

  1. Why did you think writing a blog?
  2. Do you spend a lot of time to write the post?
  3. What brings you tu blog?
  4. ¿Conocías los Liebster Award?
  5. What do you think of this initiative?
  6. What costs do you most in your blog?
  7. ¿Tu objetivo a corto plazo?
  8. Your long-term goal?
  9. Did you post that theme are you like to read?
  10. Do you use social media to spread your blog?
  11. ¿Que entrada de tu blog te ha dado más visitas?

And finally our winners are:

  1. Portobello Corner
  2. Cakes as
  3. What comes to be a documentary
  4. Arterecord
  5. Vintage Deal Stuff
  6. Jose Alberto Joy
  7. Puntokateros
  8. Medieval News
  9. Blog Tecnimedios
  10. Psychology for happy people
  11. How has been

Thank you all for sharing!!!


  1. Txema 24 April, 2013 at 9:40 -

    Gracias por continuar esta buena iniciativa

  2. petroleoyretail 24 April, 2013 at 10:12 -

    Gracias a ti Txema por habernos propuesto!!! un abrazo


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