Low Price Business enters the service station market format “Low Cost”

December 13, 2013 6 Comments »

Today we speak with a company that has opted for service stations “Low Cost“.

Service station LPB

Service station LPB

Después de estar escuchando en numerosos medios de comunicación y redes sociales la revolución de las Estaciones Low Cost, we wanted to interview the founders of a new brand: Low Price Bussines, and know a little more of this type of Service Stations

Low Price Business opens its first season in the mid- 2013:

1. What is Low Price Business?How did you define?

LPB is a Spanish brand stations Low Cost, with self-service system and Honesty, and in process of expansion throughout Spain.

LPB suppresses the extra costs that would increase the price of the product: Store costs and personnel; to compete and offer quality product at the best price. Adjusts prices daily, to ensure real savings to customers, and only purchase the 3 major Spanish suppliers, to give the best possible price to the customer without compromising quality.

Gas stations LPB They are open every day of the year, 24h. They have customer support by RRSS, email and phone (in other intercom station equipment).

Definition: LPB is a brand of low priced gas stations, Honesty with self-service system, open every day of the year, las 24h.

2. How long has Low Price Business?

As an idea we have been working on it and looking for sites from 2011, but is now in the 2013 when we have finally opened our first season, and we have a calendar of openings nationwide for the next 2014 quite interesting.

3. What has been your career since then?

The LPB stations have managed to constantly adjust their prices to be considered the cheapest of the community of Madrid. Han been recommended as eco precio por el Mityc in the Community of Madrid for several weeks at. ( Today we 40 consecutive days)

We continue conducting market studies, analysis of potential locations and negotiating with landowners to develop our expansion plan.

4. What is your expansion plan?

Initially we started with 2 in Madrid, but we already have agreements to open other 2 outside Madrid early 2014, We are also studying bids for setting up in Barcelona and a new location in Madrid where we could also be interested.

Where is LPB

Where is LPB

5. Funcionaréis like? / Franchises?

At first no. Continue as part of the company the same people who have formed Low Price Business from her birth of the idea, as we believe in the project, we also want to continue to grow slowly to not need external investment or franchise.

6. Customers often doubt the of the cheapest fuel stations. How and where they come from your fuel?

That's a pretty common concern in the field of Low Cost, especially when having large differences in prices known brands, which are referenced. But LPB reduce certain costs for customer benefits. Suppress extra costs would increase the price of the product: Store maintenance costs and personnel; to compete and offer quality product at the best price. Our provider is one of the 3 major national providers in the market, this point is one of our philosophies, never have better quality price match price or margin.

7. What do you usually have price difference with stations nearest?

At least we set 5 cent difference from Cheapest stations environment, with the closest we usually have 6/7, and many times we come to have 8/9 and to 10 cheapest cents. With these differences, customers sometimes wonder how some people still fueling other brands.

8. Does the station is fully des-served, or you can count on someone to customer?

The service station is completely neglected as a concept, the LPB stations are self-catering and have a self-checkout system, what is popularly known as “ghost stations”, by not having staff and operated by computerized systems. However, We have a service on computers IP intercom to contact our Call Center. We also have a customer service through RRSS, email and phone. In some stations will have staff to help customers.

Sistema autopago LPB

System autopago

9. What forms of payment accepts?

We accept card payment and cash, if they mark over what enters the refueling are automatically returned to the card when hanging the hose after refueling. In the case of cash we print a receipt with barcode and QR that can be used for the next time you stop to refuel.

10.Have ye loyalty card the discount card?

We have a card "virtual" loyalty we deliver to our customers, so they can build their refueling later receive a summary of its refueling, refueling fleet control, control credit, etc.

11.Any other services?

Right now we are open to trying some services catered to synergies with the core business.

12.Finally, What would you say to a potential client to become customer?

• offer best price without sacrificing quality our product. We only buy the product 3 major Spanish suppliers.

• Our checkout system is very simple and intuitive. This put at their disposal a reliable and efficient service for refueling is conducted in the most practical and comfortable as possible.

• We recommend as cheapest station in forums, mobile applications and even the Mityc in Madrid as eco price.

• follow us on Twitter or Facebook to keep up with our prices, news of interest, trivia and giveaways.

This is one of the new stations which will expand in our country, but we would like to hear from our readers. Repostais? Stations in this type of?, What the look? and if not them repostais reason why that?

Hope your opinions are very important for us.



  1. Angel 13 December, 2013 at 13:04 -


    I read with great interest this news, but the truth is I do not see where is the improvement.

    There is talk of “At least we set 5 cents difference with the cheapest service stations environment, with the closest we usually have 6/7, and many times we come to have 8/9 and to 10 cheapest cents. With these differences, customers sometimes wonder how some people still fueling other brands”. Currently filled the fuel tank on the cheapest gas station Euskadi, with a difference between 8 and 10 cents per liter with respect to the mean. There are operators who serve you, thus generating employment.

    Some time ago started getting fashionable self-service gas stations and the price remained the same. Namely, less cost and more profit for businesses. Thus, if one should avail itself I think there should be a greater price difference. Recall that the cost of staff is usually the biggest expense of the company.

    My question is, Where is that improving spoken in this business which creates jobs is not?. Should not there be a greater price difference if you fill the tank itself must?. Who watches if someone using mobile or smoke at these stations?.

    Comment that this is not the first company of its kind. Since last year there is a franchise, Seagull Service Stations, offering the possibility of franchise gas stations “low cost”.

    And to finish, data as an example of a Friday 13 December 2013:

    – Diesel Price in The Seagull Service Stations: 1,29 €/l (http://www.gasolineraslagaviota.com/quienes-somos/).

    – Price diesel LBP, the company in this article: 1,27 €/l (http://preciodegasolina.es/empresa/gasolineras-low_price_business_lpb_

    – Diesel price at the cheapest gas station Euskadi, EasyGas: 1,22 €/l (http://easy-gas.es/estaciones-de-servicio/easygas-galdakao/), they serve their workers and if you pay in cash 1 cent less per liter.

    Un saludo

    • petroleoyretail 16 December, 2013 at 13:43 -

      Hello Angel, just a little nuance to your comment, Price comparisons between regions, They are not very tight as there are communities like Euskadi, Aragon, Rioja, (the 2014 Navarra also will join) do not apply the health cent ranging from 1,2 and 4,8 cents per litro.Este format stations are characterized by being the cheapest in the reference area.
      Apart from this little nuance, with you that we are not generated “use the same amount of” than in a traditional station, but “something” employment if that is generated, if only a manager to review the operation of the station
      Although this type of station is giving us much to talk about and in particular we like to be looked at more service stations, Stations “Low Cost” and traditional stations will have to live.

      • Angel 16 December, 2013 at 14:47 -

        Muchas gracias. Correct appreciation you did me but still assuming they are 5 cents for the Health Tax, accounts do not go.

        We take as reference diesel prices last Friday Service Station Las Gaviotas 1,29 €/l, minus 5 cents are 1,24 €/l. And if LPB would 1,27 € / l less 5 cents are 1,22 €/l. As you see the customer costs are greater than the example of a EasyGas 1,22 €/l o 1, 21 € / l if paid in cash. In this case they serve their workers. So in my opinion the above two examples out more expensive for me and I think it makes sense.

        I for one am not going to use this type of stations. Born as an alternative to traditional costs down a bit but making the customer has to be served. Their prices are not in line with what they offer. I think they can sell cheaper as it is proving EasyGas.

        Un saludo

  2. Angel 16 December, 2013 at 12:03 -


    A few days ago I wrote a review with my impressions of this type of new business. I would like to know if it Vais posting.


    • petroleoyretail 16 December, 2013 at 13:22 -

      Published, !!excuse the delay!!

      • Angel 16 December, 2013 at 14:28 -



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