The 3 Frequently hoaxes at petrol stations

July 9, 2013 5 Comments »

For a few months we see taking place at constant attacks stations on three topics:

1-Better to ask liters instead of euros

2-Gas stations have worse fuel cheap

3-There are gas stations with dirty and has water tanks.

1-Recently circulated a hoax Internet impersonating a major professor that we will not name because they must be tired of something attributed to it totally false, having other career achievements certainly worthy of comment and this.

The hoax stated that to not deceive us in service stations we must ask liters instead of the amount euros as it was shown that the conversion software performed against us . Totally false. It is very difficult, not impossible, manipulation suppliers, because of the controls that the Ministry of Industry periodically at Stations. In these inspections, seal is installed on each appliance supplier that handling is almost impossible without noticeable.
Entrepreneurs of service stations and oil undergo exhaustive controls where suppliers are reviewed and measures of each, comparing with a specimens approved special, each station is required to have.
We can not deny that “pirates” always in all sectors, but it is the general rule, es but, are special cases that can not be generalized.

pide gasolina por litros


2-The stations have worse fuel cheap.

Another one of the existing Internet hoaxes. In Spain most of the fuel either Gasoline the Gasoleo, stored and distributed from CLH, and everything and I mean everything has to carry the mixing ratios indicating the Ministry of Industry, another thing is the additives that each company decides to use in their products, provided to improve performance in fuel.

There are companies that use additives or other all in the proportion set by the Ministry.

Here we can see the specifications approved in the State Gazette.


3-There are gas stations with dirty and have water tanks.

When we hear and read these topics, we are in the field every day we realize that the poster does not know any sector.

In the day to day of a service station tanks are measured, is introduced Bari with a special paste (Search pasta water), that at the time that there is an amount of water that can affect the state of the fuel changes color and indicates to what extent there is a risk of contamination in the fuel.

There are other more advanced stations with automatic systems which facilitate the detection of water in the tank.

With this we do not mean it can not happen, clear that it can pass. There are stations with tanks and rare old tank can experience some drilling and depending on your location, can enter and contaminate water fuel, but as we have said it's occasional and unusual.

With these three points we want to acknowledge that service stations are subject to numerous controls by management, much fuel as everything in it is sold and bad seasons "if any Hayles" but you can not generalize.

If Tene any topic that you would like to try and we know hacérnoslo pondremos a ello.



  1. anksunamun 10 July, 2013 at 12:44 -

    Magnífico artículo, me gustaría compartirlo en mi página. saludos

    • petroleoyretail 10 July, 2013 at 18:31 -

      Muchas gracias, por tu comentario nos encanta que quieras compartir y apoyar nuestro proyecto.
      Un saludo
      Petroleo y Retail

  2. Yo Mismo 11 July, 2013 at 22:38 -

    En relacion al “bulo 2”, en determinadas especificaciones como por ejemplo índice de cetano en gasoleo A la ley dice que el mínimo es 51 pero no marca máximos pudiendo ser por ejemplo de 55, luego es un tanto matizable eso de que todo lleva lo que dice el Ministerio de Industria, ya que lo correcto sería que todo lleva lo MINIMO que dice el Ministerio de Industria. En relación al ejemplo del cetano existen estaciónes que venden gasóleo A con un índice de 51 y otras con un índice de 55, técnicamente a mayor índice de cetano mejor combustión. Eye does not mean that they sell to 51 are the cheap and of 55 major known, is simply to clarify that in the market there hake and whiting, crianzas y reservas 😉

    • petroleoyretail 13 July, 2013 at 23:54 -

      Thanks for your comment.

      Petroleo y Retail

  3. Soygasolinero 3 September, 2013 at 2:20 -

    Hello, if ever given you to call toxicology ask what fuels lead, The answer is surprising!!!
    On the other hand I am very interested in knowing the minimum age to sell fuel to a minor or a gas cylinder, saludos.


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