What you need to know to start a blog.

April 18, 2013 Comments Off on What you need to know to start a blog.

If you've decided to blog, whether for personal or professional use, some things you should know before you start:

The first thing to do is choose a platform to write the blog;

Free options are best known : WordPress and Blogger. You also have to know that in WordPress puedes elegir dos formas de hacer un blog: through Worpress.com to WordPress.org

WordPress vs Blogger

WordPress vs Blogger

What I choose?
I enclose a picture where you can see the differences in these platforms: WordPress.Com , WordPress.org y Blogger

Blogger vs WordPress

Differences between Blogger , WordPress.com y WordPress.org

Summarizing, choosing to be aware of the use you would give this blog, si tu idea es iniciarte en el mundo de los Blogs y probar como funcionan es buena idea utilizar WordPres.com o Blogger.
If you want to do is use the blog for commercial purposes and use as a base for your company on the net, Our advice is to use WordPress.org, in this case before you have to buy the domain and also hosting.

If your idea is the second, pero no tienes idea de como funciona todo esto, una solución intermedia es empezar con WordPress.com y probar de forma gratuita y después pasarlo a WordPress.org (WordPress lets you do it without losing your search engine rankings).

Once decided:

  1. Open your account on the chosen platform.
  2. Set all your options.
  3. Choose a theme, test to find the topic that you like.
  4. Set up theme options.
  5. Write on paper, the structure that you want in your blog.
  6. Sets the navigation menu under the picture you drew earlier.
  7. Write your first post. Also if you set the content type pages thereof. At the time of writing note:
    • Not “copy and paste”, if we have to write the source from which we have taken.
    • Write about what you know, and for people. Think about what interests them know what you know.
    • In those bolded text words “key” que definan a tu blog. (En próximas entradas veremos como elegirlas).
    • Incluir vídeos y fotografías es una forma muy útil de llegar a tus lectores, make reading it more simple and enjoyable.
    • Write consistently, Write every week is a good choice.
    • Be careful with spelling.
    • The design is as important as what you say, cuídalo.
  8. Fill your site Content, writes about things you know and if you are also passionate things even better.

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