Opportunities are never passed so close to our Gas

March 4, 2013 Comments Off on Opportunities are never passed so close to our Gas

The harder it is to get a customer to our service station, reach them was never "easy" .


If we analyze the data on the number of people using social networks, understand what:

  • The 75% Internet users have Social Networks
  • the 78% a las Social Networks, at least once a day
  • Age:
    • 34% of 18 a 30 years old
    • 35% of 31 a 39 years old
    • 30% of 40 a 45 years old
  • Sex:
    • 61% Women
    • 39% Men
Using social networks at service stations

Using social networks at service stations

With these data in hand, Do you think your customers may be in the networks?, the answer is SI. One thing more, is a fact that you can bring your own: How many of your customers are at the point of payment with a Smartphone in hand? An example of the use of Social Networks and new technologies is the promotion Samsung was coupled with Cepsa Petrol Station in Madrid last December. It was such diffusion in social networks, that the promotion was stopped by the collapse of the Gas station. More Information.

Another example of the use we can make Social networking is this: PETROLORBI, SL

Petrolorbi S.L.

Petrolorbi S.L.

The Social Networks become a opportunity to reach our potential customers, but not only that, it is also, to make customers back and also share it with others, other potential customers, with which we can establish the same relationship.

Mobile Applications for stations

Mobile Applications for stations

Why do not you post in Tweetsr the daily prices of our service station? More and more customers use mobile applications for the price service stations nearest. Aprovéchalo, a las Social Networks to advertise your price, your promotions, share industry knowledge, spread the benefits of your card .... and a thousand other things ....

How? Do you create a Twitter account? Still NO;

First of all you need to create a plan:

  • Plan: add date to all actions you want to do. The projects can not be endless, must create an agenda for each target / action
  • Study your niche and your competitors.
    • Good Data source tus are themselves customers, ask if they use the RRSS, What do you like to read on a blog?, What kind of news?, ¿promotions? What Red Social using more?
    • Another lovely Data source and / or collaboration are tus suppliers. Make them the same questions and others like: Could you collaborate us with the content?Also .... do cross promotions with them.
    • Find tus competitors in Internet, What do? Are they in Social Networks? How do you move? How Do They Work? Could they collaborate with us to create a community?
  • Set your goals.
    • we set a goal and always know where we come in order to draw the suitable route to reach that goal.
  • Design tactics.
    • the tactics are small actions to be taken over a period of time, and short. Design the steps you take to reach your target.
  • Implement actions in a consistent and orderly.
  • Analyze everything in place to make new decisions.
Digital Marketing at service stations

Digital Marketing at service stations

In your analysis Also note this data:

  • Facebook:15 million people are users of Facebook in Spain
  • Twitter: 4 million users in Spain
  • Linkedin: 2 million users in Spain
  • Youtube, FourSquare, Pinterest……..
  • Blogs

Now if, starts create community. Whether you're a large corporation or a small, no matter if you're a gas station, a hairdresser, workshop, a baker on a shopping, we all have our hole, the only difference will be our target customer . Create, shares, spreads and interact. What do I get? All (well worked) can do at least three things for our company:

  1. Introduce your company, create your brand, in the area / sector where you want to be known, leagues to be Reference company.
  2. Build relationships with your customers, loyalty by.
  3. Communicate: promotions, tips, answer your questions .......

(Source data: Iab Spain Research)

Do you dare? We can lend a hand you

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In upcoming posts we'll talk about the main Social Networks. Do not miss.

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