The 10 key to the proper management of a network of service stations

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While in the world of retail It is difficult to manage a network of stores or outlets, in sector EE.SS. further, since what is being sold is primarily gasoline and diesel, and other product incidentally if EE.SS. has a convenience store. A product for all attractive and away from all glamor, and also practically the same in all chains EE.SS., are a commodity.

Thus, we have to go one step further in our point of sale management to reach the public and loyalty our customers.

For this, then, we will give you a number of key points which must be stopped or further work, positive results to the network management.


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10 Keys to Managing Service Station


We have to know very well, who we are, our market potential, representing our network. Knowing each and every one of our outlets, who is our direct competition at each location, what kind of customers we. If we are clear where we are, be easier to develop strategies to achieve our goals.


Let's SWOT, discover exactly where our threats are and what our weaknesses, and then turn them into strengths and opportunities and take advantage. Once we know these, we set a target us mark achievable and coherent and consistent strategy to achieve that goal.


The staff of a service station It is our link with the customer. Must have a professional staff, shapely, in all aspects of POS, fuel, shop. Motivated by the company which in turn convey to the public the image of the company that we want to.


Why customers enter into a service station and another?. There are several factors, but certainly the most important is: “because I cater well”. The only aspect that differentiates a station servicor other, is customer service Dispensing. Kindness, sympathy, education. A EE.SS. cleaning, orderly, a store with product, an merchandising correct, is what makes a customer feel at home and then want to return.


The outlets are motley network. Some are located in the urban, other roadside. The social environment of each is different, some are in residential areas and other high net in slum. We conduct marketing activities, rather micro-marketing consistent from the viewpoint of network, but adapted to the particular situation of each outlet.


Every activity we do in a service station is a part of a comprehensive whole that provides income. In many cases it seems that this is forgotten, giving priority attention to some aspects over others. Client response gasoline, but also in-store purchase, washing your car or you can have a coffee in the cafeteria EE.SS. hence the need to care for the care and facilities for all activities.


There is nothing worse than getting to a service station in need of refueling and not being able to. A spoiled supplier, a terminal card does not work, closed washing, a store without product, is a lost customer. Let us correct preventive maintenance EE.SS. and so give confidence to our customers.


In the environment of the service station sure customers are able to visit professional with whom to establish lasting business relationships and who are clients of the service station. We must analyze the potential of each, where is currently refueling and offer additional conditions that are attractive enough to begin refueling in our gas station.


Daily, the consumer is more active searching the Internet all the possible options where you can spend your money, Never before now had been so informed consumers. Our presence on the web with a suitable web, pages having more active social networks, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, etc. it is essential, because if you're, not exist.


You have to generate all those control mechanisms necessary for the business is not out of hand. The companies make money and assets in the street by a high amount, This requires a suitable control. The control should not be overwhelming for staff, but if efficient. Simple procedures, not provide any difficulty EE.SS. staff, because otherwise, or will not make them or where, perform it wrong.

These are the 10 most important keys to efficiently and effectively manage a group of service stations. Each of these points, It requires a much more comprehensive development. Simply we have listed for each specific case, to deepen them and implement actions to correct those aspects where necessary. If you think we can help, you want:

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