Opposition to fracking.

June 20, 2013 Comments Off on La oposición al fracking.

For some time, been hearing or reading on different media, news about opposition from different regional governments, and also from civil platforms before use by the oil and non-conventional alternative methods for extracting subsurface petroleum or natural gas. Being so even regional governments such as Cantabria, and the Canary Islands have banned the use of these techniques, and others such as that of La Rioja study do.

But really, what is the fracking?What is leading to be as criticized or even prohibited?. Throughout this entry, try to clarify a bit this concept, in the art consisting of fracking and what are the effects of using these techniques.

Hydraulic fracturing o mas comúnmente conocido como fracking is a method that enables and enhances the removal of oil and gas in those fields where not possible or at least very difficult to apply the conventional techniques of extraction. The technique involves the injection molding of large amounts of water and sand, mixed with different chemicals, with the aim of expanding the cracks in the bedrock of the bags that hold the oil or gas deposits, facilitating their departure abroad.

This technique is known and used long, has been significantly driven by rising fossil fuel prices extracted by conventional methods, that has developed in recent years, that have become economically more profitable use of these techniques.

Fuente The Guardian

Fuente The Guardian

But really, What are the causes that make these causes are so reviled? Mainly polluting effects on the environment that has to use this method. According to a report year 2011 by the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety of the European Parliament, stated in its findings that fracking, “an emission of pollutants into the atmosphere, groundwater contamination, due to fluid flows caused by the gases discharged, fracturing fluid leaks and uncontrolled discharges of wastewater, further consequence of the use of more than 600 chemicals”

One of the most serious problems, is that because the depth that can be drilled using these techniques, can be found easily with methane pockets, highly flammable gas peligroso, but we must also keep in mind that the deeper water has a high salt content. Water are extracted with a high salt content and then not know what to do with it. If you take the water and pour into a river, This eventually contaminated.

But on the other hand, What are the advantages of obtaining oil and gas with the use of this method?. They are basically economic. For example, thus obtained through the gas, the price of gas has halved in a year. It has become essential to the pair that produced the recession. Two factors influenced the falling price. On the one hand, the crisis, that has made has fallen sharply, while stocks discovering, and commissioning of new gas technologies.

We return to the always much discussed duality. What is more important, especially in the current economic, maintain the current status of energy prices or otherwise, preserve the environment at the cost of expensive energy?. The debate is open and waiting for your opinions.




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