The CNC inspects the field of automotive fuel distribution.

May 29, 2013 1 Comment »

The National Commission of,,es,investigates possible anti-competitive practices in the automotive fuel distribution market,,es,inspectors of the,,es,of the National Commission of the,,es,automotive mechanic,,es,the truth is that this is something we all knew,,es,The price of oil has skyrocketed in recent,,es,years and has increased a,,es,Chance,,es Competition investiga posibles prácticas anticompetitivas en el mercado de distribución de combustible de automoción. For this purpose, have carried out inspections in various petroleum products operating companies and an industry association

Days 27 and 28 May, inspectores de la Directorate of Research de la Comisión Nacional de la Competition (CNC) inspections have been conducted in several companies operators of petroleum products and an industry association, on suspicion of possible anti-competitive practices, consisting of the coordination of behavior between operators on prices and commercial conditions in the distribution of automotive fuels through stations.

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  1. mecánica automotriz 10 June, 2013 at 9:08 -

    Good, la verdad es que esto es algo que todos sabíamos. El precio del petroleo se ha disparado en los últimos 10 años y ha aumentado un 70%. ¿Casualidad?


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