Today butane prices rise one 2,15%

May 14, 2013 Comments Off on Today butane prices rise one 2,15%

From today 14 May 2013, the price of gas cylinder becomes (after taxes) de 17,49€ la bombona de 12,5kg.

The increase of this rise, represents a 2,15% March on the price 2013 (17,13€ )

Since January, the price of gas cylinder has been increased by 7,15% : a 5% in March and 2,15% now.

With this rise, Butane prices have peaked this year; by ministerial order adopted on 25 March 2013, (see news), bottled LPG price may not exceed 1,142025 euros per kilo until March next year, thus, and after application of Tax: VAT 21% plus tax “green” that since January gravel butane to alleviate the electricity tariff deficit (0,015 euros for a kilo) the cylinder 12,5 not exceed kilos 17,5 euros to the above date.

This new price may be revised 2 months (bimonthly reviews), as approved 25 March. The same order stated that the price rises or falls above would not 5% .

In two months the review may not be up because the price ceiling for this year we have achieved with the rise of morning.

Butane Bottle Price

Butane Bottle Price


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