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El precio de la gasolina y gasóleo if a encarece 0,55% and 0,74% the warmth of the repunte of raw
30 August, 2013 Quick News

Gasoline breaks the streak of four weeks of declines


The rise in the oil price occurred in recent weeks by the escalation of tension in the Syrian conflict has been felt this week at the price of gasoline and diesel, which has risen 0,55% and 0,74%, respectively, According to data gathered by Europa Press from Oil Bulletin European Union (EU).

Thereby, liter of gasoline Euro-super 95 has climbed to 1,456 euros, breaking the streak of declines that had lasted for four consecutive weeks.

For his part, the price per liter of diesel fuel, had already broken last week with its three-week downtrend, has gone up, this time in a more pronounced, and stood at 1,37 euros.

Despite these increases, the automotive fuels still far from its record highs of last August (1,518 euros in gasoline and 1,522 euros in diesel).


So, at current prices, filling a vehicle gasoline a medium reservoir 55 liters costs 80 euros, while in the case of diesel fuel involves an outlay of 75,3 euros, in both cases three euros less than in the same week last year.

These fuel prices are recorded in a week in which international prices oil has picked up five dollars from last week, about the possibility of an imminent Allied military intervention in Syria. So, a barrel of benchmark Brent crude in Europe is located in the 115,5 dollars, while Texas' sweet light’ American cotiza to 109,03 dollars.

The fuels in Spain still cost less than the EU average, where liter gasoline totals 1,592 euros, y in 1,629 If euros en el de la zone euro. For his part, the price per liter of diesel fuel totals 1,450 euros from the EU average en de los 27, y in 1,436 euros en the euro zone

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