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No doubt, that a more laborious process when managing a gas station is buying then sell products in the convenience store.

Income statement of a service station

Income statement of a service station

On average, in a shop can be found among 900 and 1200 different references (talk shop with an approximate size of 80m2) Reference number will vary depending on the size. Products of very different categories, feeding, beverages, bazar, car parts, chemical….. With different levels of conservation, immediate consumption, fresh medium-term, chilled and frozen. And with a significant amount of manufacturers and suppliers different. Therefore, and given the enormous diversity, you need to plan well purchases, because otherwise, can turn into a nightmare, and generate a very important administrative chaos.

The first thing to do is decide the collection, the assortment of items that we sell in the store. It depends on several factors, the Store size service station will condition the number of references to sell, tell us the location most appropriate categories, should not have the same collection a store 100% town one roadside shop, the geographical environment also indicates the leading brands by zones and we must have in our store. And once determined the appropriate collection, we ask… Where to get all these products?

Sweet convenience store

Sweet convenience store

There are several alternatives. On the one hand there are certain manufacturers, usually fresh, they have their own distribution, or exclusive distributors of their products, and it is they who will go directly to serve these products, for example, Panrico and Bimbo their pastries, Matutano and snacks, Coca-cola and beverages, Fridge their ice, and a few more. For its business strategy, do not leave your product in the hands of others, and if you have them in your store you will have to buy it from them directly. Also within what is usually direct from the manufacturers distribution, those products are often local or regional, that have limited space of action do their own distribution.

Marcas tiendas estaciones de servicio


On the other hand, are different multibrand retailers different product category, candy dispensers, Beverage, Power, the bazaar… Those with higher performance range, will take you to your store, all products they distribute.

There also, largest distributors of products nationwide and distinct categories, eg Lekkerland in sweet, Proquimetal, Faseba the Covalpetrol in the category of automobile accessories. They specialize in a range of products, has nationwide reach and have sales force that visits EE.SS.

And finally, are the major logistics operators. The most important is Conway, but others such as Grupoil and Logistician, latter, primarily focused in stores Repsol. These operators, have in their catalogs a vast amount of items, that can cover more than 80 % the needs of the store and in all categories and at all temperatures. Your specific business is that, serve las Convenience Stores, whether of EE.SS. chain stores or independent. They usually have their own distribution and a significant sales force directly serving all customers.

Nor can we forget alternative, and is that the owner does his own shopping, namely, take the car or van and goes to the cash and carry the supermarkets in the area and buy what you need, or also caters to all dealers, all brands that go through your shop offering all kinds of products.

As seen, There are different alternatives in order to have all those products that are needed to store and each must assess the option that best suits you, analyze the pros and cons and act accordingly. If you decide on a Conway logistics operator type, know that in a single invoice with a supply only, will solve your shop needs 80% and with considerable savings in terms of administrative costs time and procurement management. If you decide on a local dealer or go and make himself his own supply, may find better prices, and can generate a range slightly higher, but the cost and time management that will need more. But… everyone is free to manage your time as you like.

carros compra tienda gasolinera

The goal of a convenience store gas station, be sell more, and with all the margin can be. But that margin is not achieved scratching a few pennies to the cost of a product or another. A shop sells more if you have the products demanded by customers, the brands, if clean, orderly, an merchandising correct, easy and invite clients to buy, with attractive offers to the public, providing information on networks, with a signaling adequate so that you can find the product that customers look and all with a appropriate pricing strategy the market that the service station you have. Also do not forget, that in a gas station Store addition there are other businesses that must be addressed and that also need your time and attention.

Ultimately, buy easy, but buying is not so good and you have to be guided by people who know this market well and knows what the consumer buying motivations. Thus, if you think you need help in terms of collections, suppliers, merchandising, pricing policies, ultimately everything related to the shop, do not hesitate to contact us at we will be happy to atenderte.


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    From FASEBA we will be delighted to be collaborating with any company in the field of convenience stores in service areas.


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