Five arrested for fraud in VAT on petrol

June 26, 2013 Comments Off on Five arrested for fraud in VAT on petrol

Defrauded network to 270.000 euros a day and money in briefcases moved to Hong Kong


The operation conducted by the Civil Guard against VAT fraud in the refueling sector, coordinated by the National Court Judge Eloy Velasco, has culminated in 17 detainees –three in Seville and the remaining two in Cadiz and Malaga–, among them is the mayor of CIU in Barcelona municipality of Santa Maria de Miralles, Josep Maria Torrens, who hid in his home a gun and plenty of ammunition as detected in one of the search carried out after his arrest in the plot of the pump.

These arrests have occurred in the context of the operation has dismantled a plot dedicated to fraud VAT in the fuel sector that reads disappoint in return to 270.000 euros a day and sent the money to Hong Kong as the first stop of money which is then expanded to other countries.

This has been explained on Wednesday at a press conference controls the Army,, which clarified that the operation took place on Tuesday when it detects an imminent shipment of one million euros to Hong Kong that have been recovered.

The country was their main and often moved the cash stored in briefcases and sometimes by transaction.

Although the core of the plot was based in Catalunya, always money teller pulled in Seville and then hid in the Andalusian capital floors in safes hidden behind pictures or sinks.

Usually, those responsible for the plot were traveling by plane, but when they had to move the money traveling in AVE for less conspicuous at the controls of the station (less comprehensive than an airport).

Also, and tried to avoid suspicion of the connection between the figureheads in Andalusia and Catalonia matrix.

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