Butane Prices Rise in March 2013

April 3, 2013 Comments Off on Butane Prices Rise in March 2013

The 25 March 2013 the Ministry of Industry issued a press release announcing the rising retail price of butane, which was effective next day. In this press release is worth noting three points:

  1. The revision of the price of gas cylinder is held every two months, the second Tuesday of the month.
  2. The swing upwards or downwards in the price of the bottle in each review shall not exceed the 5%.
  3. They fixed that within a year the price of the cylinder may not exceed 17,5 euros.

The maximum selling price to the public that it has entered into force on 26 March 2013 for butane cylinder 12,5 kg, it de 17,13 € and for 11kg propane is : 15,07 € (VAT and excise duties, including).


This is the history of prices since 2010 of la gas cylinder of 12,5 kg


Precio butano



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