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It is very common to find gas bottles for sale stations, But do we know what's behind this sale?. Here you can see all you need to know to make this sale is profitable and attract more consumers.

Gráfico butano

Butane Graphic

If you sell them or not, we will give an overview of what is involved:

Pros for the sale of Butane:

  • Create traffic in our resort: generates customers por is only, es un producto de primera necesidad y el cliente se moverá allí donde se venda para comprarlo.
  • Income High sales: although this aim it as a positive, the truth is that real income (selling price - cost price) is very low. The margin is very small.
  • Fill a need more of our customers: our schedule allows the customer to purchase a gas cylinder sin tener que estar en casa esperando que pase el “butanero”
  • The retail price of butane is official, we can be as competitive as any other point of sale, (this does not do many products we sell)
  • Cross-selling: lo más difícil para cualquier negocio es hacer entrar al cliente dentro. This product helps us, once it has been, buy other products
  • Customer Loyalty: the more needs cover a business from a customer, more likely we are to get back.

Conversely, los contras que tenemos que tener en cuenta son:

  • Special permits: for the legalization of point of sale, is necessary to have a license particularly for the sale of bottles. You have to do a project for the location of the product that meets all safety, present in the ministry and the approval of the.
  • It involves extra work for the service station. The butane no if it sells only, but always say that the customer is served only, not entirely true, have to be outstanding to help people who can not get the item for themselves. (the weight of the article, makes it not very accessible to all people and we are very aware)
  • Risk of theft: las jaulas donde almacenamos el producto son de autoservicio y se encuentran en el exterior. If we are not very aware anyone can catch a gas cylinder y después no pagarla.
  • Low margin: although we have said that the butane has a high price, our margin es muy bajo y dependerá muchísimo del poder de negociación que tengamos con el distribuidor y también la marca. Even getting to have good bargaining power our margin will be minimal.

Considering pros and cons to the sale of this product I think it is interesting to have it in our catalog. If that's your decision, a continuación vamos a detallar los pasos a seguir para poder vender butano en nuestra estación:

  1. Contact the dealers of different brands of butane. Never find two dealers of the same brand in a, so with contact:
    Cepsa Butane

    Cepsa Butane

    1. Cepsa: comercializa actualmente los siguientes tipos de botellas:Cepsa 12,5 Kg Cepsa contact12,5 Kg
      • Butane Bottle 12,5 kg for domestic and service sectors.
      • Propane Bottle 11 kg for housing, small industry and services.
    2. Repsol: Repsol Contacto
      Repsol Butano

      Repsol Butano

      • Butane canister 12,5 kg: traditional bottle (orange)
      • Butane canister 6 kg: The price is free, cualquier envasador o distribuidor puede fijar el precio. It is more comfortable to carry for the customer

    3. Galp: Galp Contacto
      • Butane canister 12,5 kg:
  2. Negotiate with them:
    1. Commission bottle sold
    2. Commission contract signed: New customers, those who did not return a bottle to buy another, have to fill a contract. La distribuidora también debe pagar una comisión por este servicio.
    3. Negotiate to have the dealer take care of "legalization"Point of sale. It is very common that they can take the project and present it to industry, do not forget to negotiate the renewal of the license. This is a point that is usually run at our expense.
    4. Service: it is important that the delivery service fits rotation thereof. for this purpose the distributor has to be flexible and to adapt deliveries to units sold.
  3. Weigh which of the three options gives us better profitability, for this we must take into account:
    • The negotiation we have done with the distributor: Commissions, cost of legalization, service ...
    • A VERY IMPORTANT point to keep in mind to make the decision is: Which of the three is the best selling brands among our customers?. Aunque una de los distribuidores nos de más commission por unidad vendida, if that same brand is not the bottle más demandada por nuestros clientes , no conseguiremos el volumen para hacer que este producto sea más rentable. It is preferable to sell many units with a smaller margin not sell even if we have a greater margin. Do the math before deciding.
  • Elegir la solución más completa para nuestro negocio y comenzar con la legalización.
    Profit Butane

    Profit Butane

* No debemos olvidarnos del Propane, for if we decide to sell butane, en el mismo espacio debemos poner también el propane. Its sales are much lower but is a plus, sin hacer nada mas.

In coming days I will discuss the process of POS legalization of Butane.

  • Legislation
  • Project
  • Official documentation to present at the Ministry of Industry
  • Times for the legalization

Y por supuesto compartiremos un documento para que podáis consultar los Prices updated retail of gas bottles and also propane

Evolution butane prices

Evolution butane prices



  1. Raúl Guerrero 27 May, 2013 at 12:21 -

    Muy buen articulo, ameno y muy claro.

    • petroleoyretail 27 May, 2013 at 15:35 -

      Gracias Raúl, la intención era hacer un artículo práctico y a la vez ameno!!

  2. cheap wedding dresses 3 June, 2013 at 4:46 -

    Do you have any video of that? I’d like to uncover out some additional information.

    • petroleoyretail 5 June, 2013 at 14:07 -

      Sorry, but we haven’t videos about that . Could you tell us what aditional information do you need? We will try to get more information. Thanks!

  3. Maria Dolores 27 August, 2013 at 23:23 -

    Cual sería un margen normal de referencia por bombona de butano? Para vender en una gasolinera?

    • petroleoyretail 29 August, 2013 at 10:18 -

      Buenos días Maria Dolores, el margen de la bombona de butano depende de la comisión que negocies con la distribuidora, en el mejor de los casos puede llegar a un 4.5% sobre el PVP (de un 3% a y 4% sobre pvp sería la franja en la que nos moveríamos), recuerda que cuanta mas competencia exista entre marcas en la zona donde tengas ubicada la estación mejor negociación harás, si solo se mueve una marca en esta zona, la comisión que te ofrezcan será prácticamente inamovible. En cualquier caso si estás pensando vender butano, los beneficios de venderlo no son solamente el margen, también tienes que tener en cuenta el tráfico que te puede generar.
      Espero haberte ayudado!!!!


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