A new self-service gas stations franchise offers prices 5 24 cents lower and opening

May 8, 2013 Comments Off

The new business on the principle “I miss you and you cobras”, which seek competitiveness through cost reduction


The company Erpasa Consulting has launched a new franchise called La Gaviota, consisting of self-service gas stations in the prices offered to 5 cents per liter lower than the competition and service 24 hours.

Teaches new, linked to the distributor of diesel and butane Monegás, is presented as a solution “the problem of high fuel prices”, in which costs are reduced at the pump means employed and the absence of the principle of “You and you throw yourself cobras”, indicated in a note.

The business drivers say that this new concept of self-employment business franchise not only to optimize the resources of the pump, but also to step out of the reports of both the National Competition Commission (CNC) and the National Energy Commission (CNE) in which warns of high prices before tax of fuel in Spain. Continue reading….

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