Soria ensures that the environmental impact report Repsol “not going to stop Canary authorized surveys”

August 8, 2013 Comments Off


The Minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism, José Manuel Soria, said, in statements sent to all media, that the environmental impact report submitted by Repsol “not going to stop Canary authorized surveys”.

“The period of open public information by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism can improve, but not stop, much less stop, surveys authorized by the Government in Spanish territorial waters to a distance of 50 miles from the Canary Islands”, he added.

Anyway, Soria has also stated that “it is still premature” know whether there will be oil and / or gas, but confirmed “energy would be the best news for Spain and Canary better economic news”.

In this sense, the minister has hinted that, if it scans a negative report, “that if it would be economic disaster for the islands”.

Last, José Manuel Soria has pointed out that “Canary Islands, favorably, although improvable, tourist season has a 34% unemployment”, which is led by “the weakness of the rest of their sectors”.


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