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Low Price Business entra en el mercado de estaciones de servicio con formato “Low Cost”

Low Price Business enters the service station market format “Low Cost”

December 13, 2013 6 Comments »

Today we speak with a company that has opted for service stations “Low Cost“. After be listening in numerous media and social networking revolution ... Read More »

El ‘efecto lunes’ desaparece en septiembre de las gasolineras, pero sigue el “alineamiento” de precio

The 'Monday effect’ September disappears into the pump, but follows the “alignment” price

November 13, 2013 Comments Off

The CNMC detects lower prices in independent operators and off-highway MADRID, 13 Nov. (EUROPA PRESS) - The 'Monday effect', fixing the prices of petrol ... Read More »

Repsol ha convertido con su oferta el “efecto lunes” en “efecto viernes”

Repsol has become with its bid “Monday effect” in “effect Friday”

July 20, 2013 Comments Off

MADRID, 19 Christmas. (EUROPA PRESS) - The National Energy Commission (CNE) has confirmed the existence of a new “effect Friday” replacing the “Monday effect” and ... Read More »

Los 3 bulos más frecuentes en las gasolineras

The 3 Frequently hoaxes at petrol stations

July 9, 2013 5 Comments »

For a few months we see constant attacks are occurring at stations on three topics: 1-Better to ask liters instead of euros 2-The cheap gas stations ... Read More »

Promociones y descuentos en estaciones de servicio

Promotions and discounts at service stations

June 25, 2013 2 Comments »

It's summer and launched promotions to attract oil and / or retain customers service stations. Today we will take a walk by the oil ... Read More »

La oposición al fracking.

Opposition to fracking.

June 20, 2013 Comments Off

For some time, been hearing or reading on different media, news about opposition from different regional governments, and also from civil platforms before the ... Read More »

Las 10 claves para una correcta gestión de una red de Estaciones de Servicio

The 10 key to the proper management of a network of service stations

April 29, 2013 Comments Off

While the retail world is difficult to manage a network of shops or outlets, in the field of EE.SS. further, since what is ... Read More »

Informe mensual CNE, Marzo 2013

Monthly report CNE, March 2013

April 26, 2013 Comments Off

The 25 April 2013 CNE has published the monthly report of supervisor of fuel distribution in March 2013. The most interesting findings of the report are: Fall of the ... Read More »

José Luis se ha decidido, va a gestionar la estación de servicio

José Luis is decided, will manage the service station

April 23, 2013 4 Comments »

José Luis has already decided to manage numbers and the service station that offered. It was about the date for the transfer and I decided to make a little guide so you do not ... Read More »

Evolución Sector Petróleo y Estaciones de Servicio

Evolution Petroleum Sector and Service Stations

April 4, 2013 Comments Off

In the last ten years the movement of oil in Spain has been in flux, although our history is relatively modern, we can give a little review, no further ... Read More »


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