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La CNC inspecciona el sector de la distribución de combustibles de automoción.

The CNC inspects the field of automotive fuel distribution.

May 29, 2013 1 Comment »

The National Competition Commission investigates possible anticompetitive practices in the market for automotive fuel distribution. For this purpose, have carried out inspections in various operating companies ... Read More »

Conway gestionará la cadena de suministro de MASQMENOS

Conway will manage supply chain MASQMENOS

May 24, 2013 Comments Off

Guadalajara Press Release, 23 May 2013. Conway, company specializing in logistics services and solutions "on-the-go" ("To go"), has reached an agreement with MasQMenos to manage ... Read More »

Ejemplos reales para incrementar las ventas en una estación de servicio usando las Redes Sociales

Real examples to increase sales in a service station using Social Networks

May 23, 2013 5 Comments »

Most of the queries that we do through our contact form is: How do I benefit from having a website and social networks aimed at my gas station / petrol stations?. With this input ... Read More »

Los precios del gas en España, en la zona alta de Europa

Gas prices in Spain, in the upper area of ​​Europe

May 21, 2013 Comments Off

MADRID, 20 May. (EUROPA PRESS) - The National Energy Commission (CNE) estimated, after the measures adopted by the Government last year, economic sustainability ... Read More »

Los operadores niegan subidas de márgenes de carburantes en 2013

Traders refuse increases in fuel margins 2013

May 18, 2013 Comments Off

MADRID, 17 May. (EUROPA PRESS) - The Spanish Association of Oil Product Operators (AOP) denies that its margins in the marketing of fuels have risen ... Read More »

Los márgenes de los carburantes acumulan subidas del 31% desde enero

Margins accumulate fuel hikes 31% since January

May 17, 2013 Comments Off

MADRID, 17 May. (EUROPA PRESS) - Gross margins for the distribution activity of petrol and diesel have increased in the first four months of the year ... Read More »

Hoy sube el precio del butano un 2,15%

Today butane prices rise one 2,15%

May 14, 2013 Comments Off

From today 14 May 2013, the price of gas cylinder becomes (after taxes) de 17,49€ la bombona de 12,5kg. Increasing this ... Read More »

10 Herramientas o más para tu Blog y Redes sociales

10 Tools or more for your Blog and Social Networking

May 13, 2013 Comments Off

In previous post I have told you what you must know to start a blog ,and the seven steps to consider before creating your social networks ... Read More »

Una nueva franquicia de gasolineras autoservicio ofrece precios 5 céntimos inferiores y apertura 24h

A new self-service gas stations franchise offers prices 5 24 cents lower and opening

May 8, 2013 Comments Off

The new business on the principle “I miss you and you cobras”, which seek competitiveness through cost reduction MADRID, 7 May.... Read More »

Repsol permitirá a Angola usar su tecnología para buscar hidrocarburos

Repsol allow Angola to use its technology to find oil

May 6, 2013 Comments Off

LONDON, 6 May. (EUROPA PRESS) - Repsol will enable the Angolan state oil company Sonangol use your own Kaleidoscope, internationally recognized as one of the most advanced technologies ... Read More »


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